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About Us

As field for players, stage for the artists;

So, Ehsengineers professes to provide an outstanding and decent platform for EHS professionals to display their potentials, interaction and vocational quests along with a golden opportunity for career enhancement.

The CVs, career details and personal data shall be kept strictly confidential, which shall be forwarded or shared with prospective employers, or any elite agencies. Only for the betterment of the individuals career with their consent.

The forum provides many others mutual benefits as may be proposed and agree by the group of valued members with the motto “Together we grow and serve the fraternity better” so, come and join us willingly and freely.

Rapidly advancing Science and Technology with global marketing competition is bringing up new challenges for the captains of the industries, in the face of which, it has become imperative for them to adopt due diligence and corporate accountability towards the people, the society and the environment.

Modern multinational managements are no longer asked only to conform to standard specifications of OHSE; rather democratic legislation demands industries to rise to the level of global performance standards to take care of entire OHSE responsibilities.

ASK-EHS is comrade-in-arms with our industrial clients in this stupendous and mammoth task, which invites the attention of workmen, unions, government, society and humanities at large, by rendering them up-to-the-mark services on turn-key basis with know-how, training and expertise from feasibility to commissioning, implementation and monitoring, review and updating, keeping the system in full vitality.

As field for players, stage for the artists;

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Industries we serve

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power plants
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Telecom Infrastructure

Global database of more than 1,00,000 qualified Health, Safety, Environment, Fire, Scaffolding, and Rigging, Quality & project management professionals.

Learn About Our Process

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Clients of Manpower services

  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited

    Hooker Cockram Corporation Pty. Ltd.

    Larsen & Toubro (All divisions)

    Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. ( Shell Limited)

    Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.

    Reliance Industries Limited

    Siemens Limited. -Energy Sector, Oil & Gas Division

    Gujarat Gas Company Ltd. (A Subsidiary of BG Group plc (U.K.)

  • Simplex Infrastructure Limited

    Bosklis International – Dredging International CV

    ABB Limited

    GE Energy - GE India Industrial Pvt. Ltd. - Wind Energy, Water & Renewable

    Torrent Power Ltd

    Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. (All Divisions)

    Heurtey Petrochem India Private Ltd.

    Leighton India Ltd.

Certified Trainings

  • OH&S Management Systems Auditor/ Lead Auditor Training OHSAS 18001/2007, Accredited by Intertek
  • IEMA Approved Advanced Environment Management System Auditor Course (UK)
  • Vocational Training Provider
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